Excellence is Intentional …

Bal Perazim Christian Academy promotes academic excellence along with sound biblical foundation. Students that attend Bal Perazim Academy are prepared for life with rigorous academic training and well-balanced Christian principles.

Many students excel in an environment where they do not have to deal with the typical “peer pressure” that their friends face. Without the pressure to conform to lower standards, or a particularly non-healthy social image, students can achieve phenomenal results.

At Bal Perazim Academy we both challenge and nurture our students into being well rounded young people with high expectations of excellence.


Bal Perazim Christian Academy  elementary curriculum is Biblically-based, and prepares students for their next grade level or higher.
Students are challenged to reach their maximum potential in all curricular areas, including science, technology, reading, art and math.
Elementary students enjoy specials courses including  technology and P.E.
Throughout the year, field trips and on-site events allow students  opportunities to see how God has a place in every aspect of life.

Bal Perazim Christian Academy teachers provide  lessons in a calm environment.
All of our classrooms are equipped with Laptops to help meet the needs of  all our 21st century learners.

Elementary grades, Kindergarten – 5TH grade, will have Art, Language Arts, Mathematics, Reading, History, and Science courses to start all students correctly.

Here is a Few other Classes that we offer :

Bible, Math, Health ,Journal Writing, Education Learning,  Vocabulary Math Skill Building & More

Middle School 6th -8th

At Bal Perazim Christian Academy we are state-approved and are accredited by NAPHS (The National Association of Private and Home Schools),ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International),and we are recognized by the NC Department (North Carolina Department of Non-Public Instruction).

Our outstanding faculty and staff  are exceptional both professionally and personally and will guide all students to the next level .

Middle School uses a combination of A Beka,  Prentice-Hall,  and other texts.

The Middle School Bible curriculum is currently a combination of New Testament and Old Testament teaching.

Grades 6TH – 8TH comprise the Middle School at the Academy. The class requirements cover Language Arts, History & Geography, Science, Health, Mathematics (including Pre-Algebra), Religion, and Electives.

Here is an short example of Classes that we offer: English I,II,III,  Math I,II,II   Social Studies

Intro to Music(Band), Debate & Forensics intro, Art, Speech, P.E,& more.

We have Excellent computers and a science class room to help prepare our students academically.

Middle school students will be tested  to achieve the National Average on the Terra Nova Test .

BPCA is also members of the National Honor Society.

High School 9th - 12th

Bal Perazim Christian Academy is a NC board operated, College Prep, Private  Christian school.At Bal Perazim Christian Academy we are state-approved and are accredited by NAPHS (The National Association of Private and Home Schools), ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International), and we are recognized by the NC Department (North Carolina Department of Non-Public Instruction).

High School requirements, grade 9TH – 12TH, will run congruent with graduation requirements from the State of North Carolina. A copy of the N.C. University System requirements for completing high school and entering the next level of education or work is included.

High School use a combination of A Beka, FTCC (Fayetteville Tech College), Prentice-Hall and other texts.

High School Bible curriculum is currently an assortment  Abeka, Balperazim Ministries, ACSI and others.

In addition to our classes we offer Advanced Placement classes for college credit were students take classes at FTCC to get the feel of college.

A Few classes that we  currently offer :Science, Social Studies, Algebra I,II,III,IV, English I,II,III,IV

College Prep, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Civics & Economics,

Computer Science, Calculus,  History, Debate & Forensics.

Honors classes are also available as we are members of the National Honors Society.

Here at BP ACADEMY Our senior classes have averaged over 1250 on the SAT and have won scholarships in the thousands of dollars.

Seniors have been accepted to the to various universities and colleges in the country and have had full ride scholarships.

A Few colleges and universities that students have been accepted to are:

FSU ( Fayetteville State University),
MU ( Methodist University ),
A&T University,
FTCC ( Fayetteville Technical Community College,
NCCU ( North Carolina Central University. and many more.