About Us

God has established BPCA for the purpose of impacting live for eternity through biblically-based and Christian centered education. The mission and vision statement articulates the purpose behind the school’s existence. When coupled with the school core values, and the principles of Kingdom education, these ministry statements provide BPCA with an operating constitution that will guide all of its policies, procedures, and practices.

Students or their families do have to prescribe to the Academy’s philosophy of religion but do not have to participate in the church’s services or activities, this is optional. However, all must be aware that this is a Christian school and as such is founded on Christian principles as indicated in the Holy Bible. Doctrines are not taught, but life coping skills and character issues are taught using the Holy Bible as a textbook. Students and families must understand that all students are required to participate in giving honor to God and our country. There are no exceptions.

BPCA Faith Statement

This Faith Statement can never be altered to protect the integrity of Bal Perazim Christian Academy as a Christian school: “The general nature and object of Bal Perazim Christian Academy shall be to conduct an institution or institutions of learning for the general education of youth in the essentials of culture and its arts and sciences, giving special emphasis to the Christian faith and the ethics revealed in the Holy Scriptures; prepare young people academically and spiritually to impact society; unqualifiedly affirming and teaching the divine inspiration of the entire Bible; the creation of man by the direct act of God; the incarnation and virgin birth or our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; His identification as the Son of God; His vicarious atonement for the sins of all people by the shedding of His blood on the cross; the resurrection of His body from the tomb; His power to save mankind from sin; the new birth through the regeneration by the Holy Spirit; and the gift of eternal life by the grace of God.”

Mission Statement

The mission of Bal Perazim Christian Academy is to restore HOPE by providing students with opportunities to learn or improve life-coping skills, define acceptable societal behavior, and increase academic awareness by providing individualized academic instruction. The primary objective of BPCA is to provide students with the following tools they need to reach the potential they possess:

  • Build self-discipline
  • Instill self-esteem
  • Grow academically
  • Develop spiritually
  • Prepare for successful living
Vision Statement

BPCA is a concept…a vision conceived in the hearts of Pastors and Parents in our community who saw both a tremendous need and an outstanding opportunity. BPCA is a commitment…a desire for excellence, for achieving one’s best, and for developing character that is pleasing to God. BPCA is, above all, a community…a group of people who love God, who are committed to Him, and who have given themselves to the ministry of evangelism, discipleship, and education. It is a quest to achieve God’s standard of excellence in all that is done; a commitment to raising and educating children to love God and serve Him whole-heartedly and their community.

An Oasis: Sending our children into a world that exposes them to dangers unknown to previous generations is a legitimate concern of parents. An oasis is a place of refuge and refreshment. This is certainly an apt description of BPCA where girls and boys are greeted each morning with cheerful words and an encouraging spirit.

BPCA is a place where students are reminded of their significance, where they can relax in an atmosphere permeated with love and acceptance, and where they are spiced with the right kinds of challenges. BPCA students are safe and secure, able to concentrate on the thrilling adventure of learning.

School Core Values

As BPCA endeavors to fulfill its mission and realize its vision, our ministry is characterized by the following commitments:
1. Intellectual Development: The Christian mind should be the best mind, enlightened by the mind of Christ and one that integrates God’s principles with academic pursuits. BPCA seeks to develop students with a biblical worldview who are well prepared in all
academic disciplines with an emphasis on accurately interpreting the Word of God, mastering communication skills, showing proficiency in mathematics and science, understanding history and God’s role in it, appreciating literature and the arts, reasoning
and thinking critically, finding, analyzing, evaluating, and appropriately using information, integrating faith and learning in all academic disciplines, developing innovative curriculum and programs, and teaching Bible as an essential core subject in
the academic curriculum.
2. Christian Leadership: The Board of Administrators, Superintendent, administration, faculty, and staff shall be committed followers of Christ, teaching and leading from a biblically integrated perspective. Those engaged with the school’s governance, leadership, and teaching will model Christ in their teaching and leading, reflect and support the school’s mission and core values, understand and focus on achieving the school’s vision and expected outcomes, exhibit love, justice, humility, and service throughout the community, implement in all cultural contexts a thoroughly biblical philosophy of education, and reflect a Christ-like sensitivity relevant to a diverse school community.

3. Operational Integrity: The school’s day-to-day operational practices are a consistent model of integrity, efficiency, and accountability. Biblical values are consistently implemented as the school reflects the high road to policy development and
accountability in Board governance, manages people resources ethically and justly, manages and monitors school finances with integrity and disclosure, conducts straightforward and Christ-like relations with the government and its agencies, creates
ethical, clear, and open strategies in business, development, marketing, and personnel, conducts fair and consistent classroom management, reflects honesty, openness, and fairness in parent relations, maintains high and academic standards with internal and
external evaluation, and initiates a plan of consistent evaluation and assessment for continuous improvement.
4. Truth: Scripture is the revealed Word of God and is taught as truth, which is then integrated into the learning experience. Students are taught that all truth is God’s truth; they are created in the image of God; they must confront the issue of sin and redemption;
they can know God as revealed in Christ and made present through the Holy Spirit; they can have a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ; they can live honestly and responsibly; and they can fulfill God’s plan for their lives.